Despite the invasion of Ukraine, India’s relations with Russia and the United States will remain as friendly as ever. State Minister for External Affairs Meenakshi Lekhi made the remarks in the Indian Parliament on Thursday. News AFP

Meenakshi was responding to a question on whether the Ukraine war had affected US relations with India

India has maintained near ties with the US for over a decade. At this time, there has been a resurgence of China energy at the India border.

However, Russia, one of China’s closest allies, is India’s largest arms supplier. But the Ukraine battle has modified a lot.India is the only main country close to the USA that has not Condemnation Russia for invading Ukraine, nor has it imposed any sanctions.However, in a speech to Parliament today, Indian Minister of State for External Affairs Meenakshi Lekhi said that India has called for an immediate end to hostilities and return to diplomatic activities and dialogue. He also mentioned that India has friendly relations with both the US and Russia. Meenakshi remarked that the relations of the two big countries with India are going on according to their ‘merit’

Earlier this week, US President Joe Biden stated India become the most effective member of the quad who become “hesitant” to speak approximately Russia.The Quad is the unofficial alliance of the United States, Australia, Japan and India.

A US diplomat visited Delhi this week. He said the United States was ready to help India with more military equipment to reduce its dependence on Russia.

India imports 80 percent of its rifles, rockets and military equipment from Russia. According to analysts, similar weapons are available in Russia at a lower price than in the United States.

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