On August 4, the Khimki Court of Moscow announced the guilty verdict in the case of American Brittney Griner. Famous basketball player convicted in Russia for 9 years in a general regime colony for possession and smuggling of drugs and must pay a fine of one million rubles. Greiner’s vape cartridges contained 0.702 grams of hash oil, which is considered a significant amount under Russian law. Many in Russia and in the West consider the case politically motivatedand the verdict overly cruel. This is not surprising if you look at what other crimes in Russia face such punishment. DW has put together a few examples.

Torture and sexual abuse of a minor

Two years ago, in July 2020, police detained in the center of Ulan-Ude 17 year old Igor. They suspected him of theft, although he tried to get through the window into the apartment of friends, from which there was no key. After a harsh detention with hand-wringing, the teenager was put into a service car and taken to the police station.

In the department, the police tried to force a confession out of Igor. After vain attempts to persuade the teenager, the three men began to cruelly mock him. Later, the mother of the victim told reporters that as a result of violence with a plastic bottle, the teenager was diagnosed with a rupture and cracks in the rectum. In addition, he was hung up with handcuffs behind his back so that his feet did not touch the floor – the so-called “swallow” torture. The police officers were found guilty of sexual assault. Two employees received 9 and 9.5 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony, the third received 5.5 years in a general regime colony.

Neo-Nazi killings

Neo-Nazi from St. Petersburg Andrey Linok (known as Lincoln-88) in May 2011 received, like Brittney Greiner, 9 years in a penal colony. True, the plot of the accusation was significantly different from what was presented to the American woman. The supporter of the ideas of the superiority of the white race attracted more than two dozen people to his criminal group to commit crimes against people from the Caucasus, Asia, Africa and Russia, wrote “Fontanka”.

In addition to Linok, young people from his group aged from 17 to 23 years old appeared before the court. They were accused under articles on attempted murder, murder motivated by national hatred, inciting national hatred and enmity, as well as robberies. The state prosecutor asked for them from two to eight years in prison.

domestic murder

The junior inspector of correctional colony No. 52 in the Sverdlovsk region Tatyana Levina in 2015 killed her boss and part-time brother-in-law. The victim was her husband’s twin brother, but the brothers were on bad terms and did not communicate. Levina, on duty, was forced to maintain contact with her husband’s relative.

One day, as the media wrote, the junior inspector once again quarreled with her boss and shot him from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. At the trial, it turned out that the woman staged self-defense. “The intruder, seeing that the victim continued to show signs of life, reloaded the machine gun and fired 19 more shots,” media quote investigators. The court found Tatyana Levina guilty of murder and sentenced her to 9 years in prison in a penal colony.

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