Cyril’s bear was brought to the site of the terrorist attack in Vinnitsa, where three children were killed, from Scottish volunteers. In Scotland, he was named after Kirill Pyakhin.

According to Ukrinform, about this in Telegram said the chairman of the Vinnytsia OVA Sergey Borzov.

“Today, the toy was brought to the site of the terrorist attack in Vinnitsa – to Victory Square … 8-year-old Kirill from Kherson died here. At the time of the explosion, the boy was waiting for his relatives in the car … The family fled from the occupation to Vinnitsa, then they were going to Moldova. On July 14, my uncle and grandmother went to make documents for crossing the border. The bear was the boy’s favorite toy. He was buried with a bear…”, the message says.

photo: Sergiy Borzov, Telegram
Photo: Sergey Borzov, Telegram

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In Scotland, volunteers asked to put a symbolic toy on the spot where three children died.

In the city of Airdrie, this bear “gathered” help for Ukrainian children. Today in Vinnitsa it was handed over to small migrants from Kherson, Chernobaevka, Kharkov, Bakhmut, Zaporozhye.

The rocket attack on Vinnitsa took place on July 14, 2022 at 10:40 am. The attack was carried out by the Russian armed forces. As a result of the attack, 27 people were killed, 202 were injured, 8 people were missing.

One of the three children who died was 4-year-old Liza Dmitrieva, who at the time of the impact was returning with her mother from speech therapy. The girl’s mother was seriously injured and was operated on.

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7-year-old Maxim Zhariy was being examined at the medical center at the time of the impact and died along with his mother.

Among the dead are doctors, students, managers, a journalist, teachers, a driver, a pensioner and others.