We have a government of budgetary responsibility that presented a budget with a deficit of 330 billion crowns. This corresponds more to the deficits of the Babiš government during covid than to the normal budget. What does this indicate?
If I go back a long way… When the super-gross salary was famously cancelled, then Mr. Skopeček (MP and economic expert ODS – editor’s note) and Mr. Stanjura (MP and Minister of Finance for the same party – editor’s note) they claimed that 80 billion can be saved very easily, allegedly with one stroke of the pen. Now it turns out that real governance is completely different and saving 80 billion is a big problem. After all, everyone who sees at least a little bit into the budgeting of this country knows that saving such large numbers is a problem.

And if we look into the program statement of the government, we will find that, apart from general, vague talk about savings, there is almost nothing. Sorry, the government promises to save on civil servants, but you simply cannot save 80 billion on them, let alone 330. So the deficit of 330 billion is a disappointment to me, because the policy of “let’s blame the problems with the structural deficit on those who come after us” has been interrupted for a long time. .

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