Train traffic is being restored between Berlin and Potsdam stations in the Grunewald district in the west Berlinwhere an ammunition depot exploded on 4 August. “As a result of an internal investigation, a decision has been made to reopen the railway line,” the Berlin Fire Department said on Saturday, August 6.

The A115 motorway in the fire zone is still closed, and a 1000-meter cordon zone is still in effect. Now in the vicinity of the explosion, the last fires are being eliminated, the Berlin Fire Department.

According to firefighters, the full resumption of local and long-distance traffic will be possible when the zone can be “securely cooled.” This may take a few more days.

Ammunition and pyrotechnics were stored in a warehouse in Grunewald

An explosion at a warehouse in Grunewald, where, among other things, ammunition and pyrotechnics were stored, thundered on August 4. fire broke out spread over 42 hectares. About 150 firefighters and equipment from all over Germany took part in the extinguishing. Three remote-controlled robots are surveying the restricted area, and armored vehicles are also involved for firefighting work.

The fire department warns that in the Grunewald area great danger remains He is under constant surveillance.

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