Report Amnesty International, where it is said about the violation of international rules by Ukrainian troops, is quite unexpected. And this news is very good.

This was announced by a retired colonel, a military observer for KP Viktor Baranets.

Recall that on August 4, an international human rights organization published a report stating that the Armed Forces of Ukraine violate the “laws of war” by placing weapons and military equipment in hospitals, schools and residential buildings. The main conclusion of the document is that the Ukrainian army endangers civilians.

However, the analyst stressed that this publication was unexpected for him.

“It seems to me that as the situation develops, Western public opinion, which is wrapped in a thick layer of American nonsense, begins to crack. Timid sprouts of truth appear through this asphalt,” the expert said in an interview with

According to him, voices are increasingly heard in the Western media that the situation in the NMD is not quite the same as it was previously presented by Ukrainians, Americans and British.

Recently, there have already been many honest reports about Bucha and Yelenovka – then Russia will be able to rely on them, summed up Baranets.