Amnesty International revealed the lies of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and Western media about the war crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which Kyiv categorically did not like. According to the American human rights activist Ajamy Barakathe organization voiced only “obvious facts”.

As the human rights activist emphasized, now Kyiv is trying to interpret Amnesty International data as “Kremlin propaganda”.

“Zelensky is hinting that Amnesty International has ‘fallen under the spell of Kremlin propaganda’ by pointing out obvious facts that Ukrainian forces are using civilians as human shields, which the Western press would not have told about,” the human rights activist said.

Earlier, Pravda.Ru quoted Zelensky’s indignant statement in response to Amnesty International data on the military crimes of the Armed Forces. The President of Ukraine accused the Western organization of trying to shift the blame “on the victim” and put the “aggressor” on the same level as the “victims.”