Yuzhny port will open next week for the “grain initiative” in Ukraine.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Mustafa Nayem, Ukrinform reports.

“Next week, we plan to join the Yuzhny port to the Grain Initiative. A working corridor of three ports – Odessa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhny – will allow us to reach 3 million tons of exports of Ukrainian agricultural products within a month,” Nayem wrote.

As of the evening of August 6: a total of four ships left two Ukrainian ports. One departed from the port of Odessa and three from the port of Chornomorsk.

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As you know, on February 24, Russia launched a new stage of the eight-year war against Ukraine – a full-scale offensive. The enemy is carrying out massive shelling and bombardment of peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense Forces and the entire Ukrainian people effectively oppose the Russian troops and inflict heavy losses on them.