During August 4, Ukrainian attack aircraft attacked two centers of weapons and equipment of Russian troops in the Kherson and Kakhov regions. The invaders tried to storm the Kherson region, but without success.

About it reported Operational Command “South”, Ukrinform reports.

They added that the Ukrainian defenders with their helicopters defeated the stronghold of the Russians in the temporarily occupied part of the Mykolaiv region.

Meanwhile, rocket and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while carrying out fire missions, attacked the Russian air defense system and logistics points, including ammunition depots in the Kherson region – in Kherson itself, Pridneprovsky and Tokarevka.

The command confirmed that the Russian occupation forces during August 4 on the southern front lost:
● 39 soldiers;
● four anti-aircraft missile systems S-300;
● radar station “Ginger”;
● 82-caliber automatic mortar “Vasilek”,
● 9 units of armored and automotive vehicles.

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine also destroyed three warehouses with Russian ammunition in Pridneprovsky, Kherson and Tokarevka. The final losses of the Russians are still being “reconnoitred”.

The OK said that the Russians were shackled by the actions of the Ukrainian troops without the possibility of moving on land. At the same time, the occupiers intensified their artillery and air attacks – they launched 16 air strikes with assault aircraft along the line of collision on the positions of Ukrainian troops and recently liberated settlements. Lossless.

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The command reported that the Russians continue to conduct military operations along the occupied line of defense. They have no changes in composition or position.

Also, the Russians fired on Ivanovka with heavy cannon artillery of the 152nd caliber. As a result of the shelling, one person was killed, and the scale of destruction in the command is still being specified.

In the meantime, two surface and one underwater carriers of Kalibr-type missiles lie in wait in the Black Sea, which are ready to use two dozen high-precision projectiles. Also at sea are two large landing craft.