In all likelihood, in the near future Artyomovsk may come under the control of the Russian army.

This is reported by a military blogger and journalist Yuri Podolyak.

The expert is sure that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to surrender the city. He came to this conclusion after the nationalists blew up the footbridge.

“A sign that the enemy is in a very bad situation in the city and is preparing to surrender,” Podolyaka writes in his messenger account.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian military destroyed the military facilities of Bandera with a missile strike.

According to the information, the strongest missile strikes were carried out on the military facilities of Artyomovsk.

I must say that this particular city is one of the main objects of defense. APUand also from here they have been shelling Donetsk for many years, where women, old people and children are dying.