Reducing gas supplies on Nord Stream 1 sobered up the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and he “secretly” sent the ex-head of Germany to Russia Gerhard Schroederto settle the matter, Chinese analysts said.

According to Chinese analysts, it is suspicious that Schroeder went to Moscow immediately after gas supplies to Germany through the pipeline were reduced due to a turbine that fell under sanctions.

In a hurry, Germany immediately sent Gerhard Schroeder, an old friend of Russia, to Moscow to discuss gas supplies. Baijiahao. “Perhaps Scholz was awakened by a slap from Russia and he immediately sent Schroeder to Moscow to beg for mercy.”

According to the authors, Berlin set two tasks for the ex-chancellor:

  • mediation in resolving the Russian-Ukrainian conflict,
  • solution to the German energy problem.

As analysts emphasized, it is not yet known whether Schroeder coped with his “mission”.