on hold, one about the climate, dialogue between US and US military officials, cross-border cooperation on crime, one about national security and relations in the field of immigrants and anti-drug policy.

Dialogue around climate change and the fight against the trade in drugs such as fentanyl were among the areas where the two countries found common ground, the AP reported. A suspension of this cooperation by Beijing could have significant consequences for the forces that have invested the country in order to achieve progress in these matters.

and the United States are the world’s largest climate polluters, together producing 40 percent of all fossil fuel emissions. Their top climate diplomats, John Kerry and Sie En-chua, have maintained a relationship that dates back to the Belt and Road Agreement, which was approved by breakthrough negotiations between them and other parties.

after Kerry’s emergency calls at the last UN global climate summit in Glasgow, she pledged to cooperate intensively with the US on emissions reduction. However, Kerry was unable to convince her to speed up the shift away from coal consumption.

Pelosi became the highest-ranking US official to visit Taiwan in the past 25 years. Beijing considers Taiwan a rebel province and a legitimate part of its country. According to the official policy of one island per island, there is no separate political entity, and Beijing has opposed the island conducting its own negotiations with foreign governments. Taiwan has been de facto independent since 1949, has its own government and a democratic system, while the one-party regime continues in the mainland.