The Chinese authorities announced the curtailment of cooperation with the United States in a number of industries due to the visit to Taiwan of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the American Parliament, Nancy Pelosi.

This is reported Bloombergreports Ukrinform.

Among the measures announced by the Chinese authorities are the termination of negotiations with the United States in the field of climate, the cancellation of dialogue between the countries’ military leaders, as well as working meetings with the US Department of Defense and a meeting on maritime security issues.

In addition, China is ending cooperation with the United States in the judiciary, in the field of combating crime and drug trafficking, and canceling workshops on the repatriation of illegal migrants.

As Ukrinform reported, earlier the Chinese authorities announced a number of economic restrictions on Taiwan and imposed personal sanctions against Nancy Pelosi.

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China considers self-ruled Taiwan its own territory and raises the possibility of its annexation. The US maintains informal relations and defense ties with Taiwan.