According to the political scientist Sergei Mikheev, China will not respond immediately and harshly to US actions on the Taiwan issue. The reaction is likely to be long-term and strategic.

“China’s reaction will be, but it will be long-term and more strategic than tactical. The Chinese have both minuses and pluses in this sense. Their whole philosophy is tied to this mythical commander Lao Tzu, who says that the best war is that , which you did not start, but you took it and won it,” he said in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda radio.

Mikheev recalled that the history of China was not distinguished by serious and large-scale military successes. In most cases, the country was engaged in repulsing aggression or dealt with the situation within the state.

“Plus (in China. — Note. ed.) does not have this tradition of instant reaction. You can consider this endurance, you can consider it cowardice and slowness. But I think that this is just Chinese specificity,” the political scientist emphasized.

He expressed confidence that Beijing’s reaction to Washington’s actions should be expected in any case, and it will become “extended in time.” This will be beneficial for the Russian Federation, since trust between China and the United States has been undermined.

Recall that the conflict between Taiwan and China escalated due to the landing of the plane of the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi at the Taipei airport.