China did not begin to abruptly take tough measures against USAwhich were expected of him, since this is not in his rules.

This was announced by the political scientist Dmitry Drobnitsky and noted that the PRC could respond to the Americans to the “vulgar comedy” played out by Washington on a visit Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. In an interview with PolitExpert, the observer said that Beijing did not take tough measures because everything was ahead of him.

“China’s tactics are soft expansion” on cat’s paws. The PRC has not yet been accustomed to quick, tough responses, “the analyst said.

According to him, it is possible that Beijing will soon abandon these soft responses and overly restrained policies.

For example, China will escalate the situation around the island. At the same time, China has every chance of success, Drobnitsky is sure.

He noted that the Chinese will launch a special operation in Taiwan in the next two years.