This was announced by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko.

“The medicine. In fact, every fourth patient dies in hospitals. There are not enough medicines, they cynically offer to “buy” them in pharmacies, partly owned by firms close to Pushilin,” Andryushchenko wrote.

According to him, for the arrangement of “normal” conditions for Russian military people, they are placed along the corridors. For lack of staff, they are actually thrown alone, hence the ultra-high mortality.

The mayor’s adviser noted that insulin-dependent patients are in the worst condition in Mariupol. An endocrinologist brought from Russia sees him only once a week on Thursday in one hospital.

“He “distributes” insulin in syringes. That’s why not everyone is lucky. No one controls the situation of compatibility, the selection of insulin. There is simply no medicine in the city. None, except for an illusory one, ”says Andryushchenko.

He released a video from the hospital, where sick patients are in appalling conditions.

At 4 am on February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in the occupied Donbas. Russia launched missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine and launched a direct full-scale invasion in four directions. The armed forces of Ukraine are rebuffing the enemy, the blitzkrieg plan – to capture Kyiv in two or three days – failed, the Russian army retreated from the capital. The Russian military commits thousands of war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout Ukraine.

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