I know Tom, I love him and it goes without saying that I will also support him in some way. We are in contact with each other, and when he informed me of his candidacy, I told him that he was very interested in it, Tma told Lidovky.cz.

Colleagues from the magistracy

Hudeek estimates, which is also indicated by his transparency, that his campaign will cost around one million crowns. The supporter then sent him 1,060,100 crowns, of which he spent 1,034,539 crowns.

Tma and Hudek have known each other for a while at the Prague municipality, where they acted as party members from TOP 09. In the municipal elections in 2010, Tma led the TOP 09 candidate to the polls, but he did not take the post of mayor. The ODS and the SSD formed a coalition, and Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS) put on the golden Primtorsk etz. After the collapse of the coalition and other vicissitudes, when ODS tried to agree on cooperation with TOP 09, representatives of TOP 09 and SSD finally formed a coalition and Hudeek took the mayor’s office.

At the time, Tma was working as chairman of the finance committee at the municipality. In 2012, however, he resigned from his position, saying that he would be abroad a lot, because he would not have as much time for this work.

Before entering the magistracy, Tma was the governor of NB in ​​2000 and 2010. Currently working as an intern at the Institute of Economic Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University, he is also the chairman of the Supervisory Board of SOB and co-founder of IRQ Funds, which invests in real estate.

Prask mayor from 2013 and 2014 Hudeek is now running as an independent candidate in the Prague 11 district, where the senatorial seat is defended by Ladislav Kos (Movement for Prague 11, Sentor 21, Green Party). They will be opposed by former prime minister Vladimr Pidla (SSD), Prague councilor Hana Kordov Marvanov (ODS for Spolu), security expert David Bohbot (Svobodn) and architect and urban planner Milan Urban (SPD).

Discussion with Pavel

Hudeek is not the only politician the ex-governor supports. It’s no secret that I support Peter Pavel, said Tma. General Pavel, who is only running for president, would get 21 percent of the vote according to the latest election model of the Median agency, and he would finish second. According to the survey, former Prime Minister Andrej Babi (ANO) would now take first place with 25.5 percent of the vote.

Zdenek Tma is one of the leading Czech economists and experts in the field of finance. And that’s why General Pavel met with him to discuss issues related to the economy, banking and the current inflation crisis, Markta Ehkov described to idovky.cz as Pavlov’s speech.

For example, the actor and director Zdenk Svrk, who also appeared in the new election video, came out to support Petr Pavel. In it, Svrk, at the general’s call, calls out to the people and tries to help Pavlov first to the presidential palace.

As I supported Mr. Draho and Mr. Schwarzenberg, I will support you General Pavel, said Svrk iDNES.cz.