We have grouped together some words and means to achieve them. The other side of the country is calm, we only do surveillance there. No one was injured during the night, the fire department said on Twitter.

Zsah, but the fire complicates the high temperature. They have to be saved, that’s why there are about a thousand of them in the Czech Republic.

According to the meteorologist, the temperature should rise well above 30 degrees. In the afternoon and evening, there was a rare occurrence of showers accompanied by hail and gusty winds (forecast during see here).

Firefighters in Ptek will once again send helicopters in the so-called “wolf” in the Czech Republic, where they fly in succession and drop water only on one specific place, i.e. in the midst of multitudes. The tactic paid off on Thursday.

On the other hand, specially trained soldiers climbing out of helicopters to survey hidden hotspots in the progressive terrain around Pravice brny did not succeed, the helicopters blew up the hotspots.

Climbers will try to get off the ground in the bird’s eye. A path will be carved around them and, once there, they will create an erpac set up for helicopters.