The Ivanovo boarding school, where they recently began to train “warriors of Christ” who are ready to die for the faith and the Fatherland, was raided by special forces and took away the children “for an investigative experiment.”

The director of the boarding school at the Nikolo-Shartomsky Monastery told about the fact that the security forces took away more than 30 children. Philip Ponamarchuk.

“They said they were conducting an investigative experiment. As part of the investigative experiment, they took the children. We still find out the details. Everything happened quickly. We don’t know where they were taken. We have more than 30 children – everyone who was was taken,” he quotes Ponamarchuk’s words edition “Rise”.

The head of the orphanage said that the commandos conducted a search in the boarding school, confiscated all computers and telephones.

“Everything they wanted, they did,” explained the head of the boarding school, where military sports camps were recently held.

The media wrote about the school, as the boarding school set itself the task of educating “defenders of the earthly and heavenly Fatherland, fighting both on the spiritual battlefield and on the earthly field.”

Previously Human rights activist Boris Altshuler criticized the bill ban on the adoption of orphans from the Russian Federation citizens of hostile countries. He recalled that foreigners often adopt seriously ill children who have no chance of being in a family in Russia.