These are fascists and nazis. These are the volii of Pirstan and Spolu. These are the people who are dangerous, he declared to his friends Babi on Thursday at a meeting in Tboe.

According to the reaction on Twitter, Babi takes the presence of the police at her meetings as the protection of her friends, not her own. I never wanted the police to protect us, but I think that they should protect supporters who peacefully go to our rallies. he wrote.

At a party in Borovany, a drunken group of plainclothes policemen knocked on a boy of just 30 years old. Similarly, a day or two later, the police arrested a woman who had slapped a man at the rally, who, according to them, had kissed her. The woman first asked for a non-uniformed policeman, so the woman ended up in the office.

This is how Babi’s event in Teboni came to an end on Tuesday. There were signs that a protester, according to the politician, had to leave the city due to a sudden assassination attempt. The police advised us to leave Tebon because there was a sudden assassination attempt there and they assessed the situation in such a way that they are not able to protect us at the moment, said f ANO in CNN Prima News.

The police later stated that the information about the assassination was not based on the truth.

Police: Let’s go through the ppads

The police intervention at the meetings of Babi’s southern turn worried the police president Martin Vondrk. I am completely disgusted by the public information in connection with the action of the R Police in Borovany. Therefore, I will send the whole thing to the General Inspection of the Security Corps for review, he wrote on Twitter Geek. I will not allow the members of the R Police to disobey the laws of this country and respect its democratic principles, he added.

Vondrek will be asked to explain after the head of the South Czech police, meet him in the morning, he added.

In response to Vondrk’s words, the Minister of the Interior, Vt Rakuan (STAN), assured that he would like to meet the animals personally to review the police measures. The police must use safe and secure means. I must not give the impression that it functions as a protector of any individual or individual interest, he commented.

According to Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS), in addition to Rakuan, the editor of the General Inspection of the Security Corps was also asked to approve the case. For the democratic state, it is necessary to open the door to the public in the impartiality and professionalism of its repressive units, he wrote on his Twitter page.

Babi has long-term problems with conflicts in her thoughts. For example on at the end of the Red Army ANO movement, they called out the resistance in Nchod. As soon as he passed by, the locals booed him with squeals and chants of the slogan Babie do koe. Sweat sawed on the arvtky among the bewildered truncheons. Some spat on each other. From the beginning, slogans about StB and shame have been falling.