Maksim Galkin at his speech in Latvia, he told a joke from the stage about Margarita Simonyanwho previously called him gay.

Spouse Alla Pugacheva previously joked about Nikita Mikhalkovnow the turn has come to Margarita Simonyan, who stated on TV that Maxim Galkin married Primadonna only to avert her eyes.

The artist in a humorous manner spoke about the invulnerability of the editor-in-chief of RT.

“If Simonyan is bitten by a viper in the forest, she will die in two hours. And Simonyan will go further,” a secular columnist quoted the witticism of the humorist Bozena Rynska in your microblog.

Previously Philip Kirokorov explained why he considers the behavior of Margarita Simonyan unacceptable. The singer said that “parochial guards” push people out of the country.