Russia’s gas blackmail of Europe is a conscious anti-European policy due to the old mistakes of the Europeans.

about it during video messages President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said, Ukrinform reports.

“Instead of supplying gas to Europe according to contracts, Russia even simply burns it – and for more than one week. it was even more difficult to prepare for winter – this is a manifestation of a conscious anti-European policy, an anti-human policy of Russia and a consequence of the old mistakes of Europeans who did not want to see that Gazprom, Russian gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine are the same weapons for Russia, like tanks, like artillery , and the target for them is each of us, each in Europe,” said the President of Ukraine.

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He emphasized that we must all defend ourselves against such actions: prepare together for the new heating season, respond to any Russian provocations in the energy sector, work out sanctions in response to Russian blackmail and terror.

As reported, after the start of the war, large-scale sanctions were imposed on Russia by the world community.

Moscow threatens countries that support Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression with a complete interruption of supplies gasthat on the eve of winter can cause a deep energy crisis.