The price development confirms the calculations of economists, according to which there is room for further discounting in the margins of distributors and sellers.

“If we were to take standard margins, the average price should be somewhere around CZK 3.70 lower than now, so 41.40 to 41.50 in the case of gasoline,” he said on the show Rozstrel analyst of Amundi company Petr Zajíc.

Tank Ono has long been known for selling with minimal margins. The entire market will probably not go below the 40-crown mark in the near future. “In the case of oil, the price would have to drop to somewhere around 85, 86 dollars per barrel, and the situation with gasoline margins would have to stabilize. With diesel, the situation is even more complicated,” said Zajíc.

Nevertheless, the situation is hopeful for drivers. “Wholesale margins on the European market are falling sharply, especially for gasoline. As a result, the development in the coming week will be favorable for drivers. In it, we expect diesel to be cheaper by another 1.5 crowns per liter. Gasoline will become cheaper,” Finlord company analyst Boris Tomčiak told MF DNES.

Checks showed higher margins

The interim results of fuel retailers’ margin checks for July showed disproportionately increased margins at most large gas stations, according to the Ministry of Finance. They exceeded the average level of last year, and thus significantly detached themselves from the results of May and June, when margins were kept at a very low level.

“That’s why we initiated a meeting with associations of oil workers and big players on the gas station market, to whom we appealed to reduce their margins back to an acceptable level,” Finance Ministry spokesman Tomáš Weiss told ČTK.

The ministry wants to carry out the checks until the end of September, while the reduced consumption tax on fuel applies. If necessary, it is ready to extend these checks.