Glavred KP condemned the call of the journalist Sergei Mardan to revive the Stalinist camps in Ukraine for teachers who refuse to go to work from September 1.

On the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda radio, the journalist Mardan was so carried away by the discussion of the Ukrainian problem that he suggested that all the teachers whom Ukraine pays extra to boycott the new academic year in the territory that came under the control of the Russian Federation as a result of a special operation on Ukraine.

Glavred KP Vladimir Sungorkin called such calls “bust.” He did not fire the journalist, but asked him to give an explanation on the next broadcast of KP radio.

“It’s impossible, it’s too much. Calls to the Gulag is a very dangerous game. I told Sergey: if it comes to the Gulag, then they will shoot you in the forefront, they will put you in the Gulag with the wording that you incited hatred between the fraternal Ukrainian and Russian peoples,” Podyom quoted Sungorkin as saying.

Former MEP Martin Sonneborn stated that the role Adolf Hitler should rethink in the context of modern confrontation between Russia and the West.