On the 164th day of the full-scale Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine Russian troops continue to try to capture the settlements of the neighboring country. The armed forces and units of the territorial defense of Ukraine resist aggression. It is impossible to verify the statements of representatives of both sides of the conflict from independent sources. According to the UN, about 14 million Ukrainians have already left their homes. DW continues to follow developments Saturday, August 6 (Moscow time).

Ambassador of Ukraine: Francis can visit Kyiv before traveling to Kazakhstan


Pope Francis may visit Ukraine already before the trip to Kazakhstan in September. This was stated by the Ukrainian ambassador to the Vatican Andriy Yurash. According to him, Ukraine has been waiting for the pontiff’s visit for many years, especially since the beginning of the war. “I would be happy to welcome him before his trip to Kazakhstan,” Yurash wrote on Twitter. Francis will come to the capital of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan – on the occasion of the VII Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions on September 14-15.


Chapter International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expressed serious concern over the shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, saying that it indicates the risk of a nuclear catastrophe. “I am extremely concerned about yesterday’s shelling of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, which highlights the very real risk of a nuclear catastrophe that could threaten public health and the environment in Ukraine and beyond,” the CEO said. Rafael Grossi.

“Deputy head of administration” of New Kakhovka: Vitaly Gura died after an assassination attempt


“Head of the district administration” temporarily occupied by Russian troops New Kakhovka Vladimir Leontiev stated that his deputy Vitaly Gura died after the assassination attempt. “As far as I know, he died. He was in the hospital. Military doctors tried to save his life,” Leontyev said. Later, this information was confirmed by “deputy head of the provisional administration of the Kherson region” Ekaterina Gubareva. “It’s official: Vitaly Gura, deputy head of the administration of Nova Kakhovka for housing and communal services, died from his injuries,” she wrote.


North Macedonia will supply Ukraine with tanks and aircraft. This was announced on Twitter by the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak. “A friend in need is a friend,” he wrote, adding that many countries today are showing “more courage than half of the G20.” “It doesn’t matter what size your country or GDP is, what matters is what kind of heart you have,” Podolyak said. “We will never forget this,” he added.

A ship with Ukrainian corn arrived in Istanbul


Vessel Navi Star With Ukrainian corn arrived in Istanbul. This follows from the Marine Traffic portal data. According to him, Navi Star anchored at the BOSPHORUS N ANCH parking lot, at the entrance to the Bosphorus. The vessel must be inspected in Istanbul by representatives of the Center for Control over the Export of Ukrainian Grain. The corn on board is destined for delivery to Ringaskiddy (Ireland).


Double bombardment Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) August 5 caused a serious risk to her safe operation. This was reported in the Telegram of the National Atomic Energy Generating Company “Energoatom”. As a result of the attack, emergency protection was triggered at one of the power units, one of the three operating power units was turned off. The nitrogen-oxygen station and the combined auxiliary building were seriously damaged, Energoatom pointed out. According to him, there are risks of hydrogen leakage and radioactive spraying, as well as a high fire hazard. In Kyiv, on August 5, they called the shelling of the ZNPP a provocation of the Russian Federation, Russian state media accused the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Media: Bulgarian Embassy in Russia continues to issue visas to Russians


Bulgaria continues to issue tourist visas to citizens of the Russian Federation, but the terms for the provision of services have increased due to technical reasons. This was reported in Embassy of Bulgaria in Moscow. “The consulate at the embassy is working, and the issuance of tourist visas to Russian citizens has not stopped,” TASS quoted a representative of the embassy as saying. The interlocutor of the agency also denied that the issuance of visas to Russian property owners has been suspended. Earlier, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) reported that the consular service of Bulgaria in the Russian Federation for an indefinite period suspends the acceptance of documents from Russians for tourist visas and visas for property owners.


“Head of the pro-Russian administration of the Kherson region” Volodymyr Saldo is in a medically induced coma in the intensive care unit of the Sklifosovsky Institute for Emergency Medicine in Moscow with symptoms of poisoning. According to the Baza Telegram channel, he was delivered to the capital of the Russian Federation from Crimea to Moscow by a special plane. The condition of the Balance is assessed as critical.

66-year-old Saldo was the mayor of Kherson from 2002 to 2012, then until 2014 – a member of parliament from the party of the ex-president Viktor Yanukovych. In 2015, Saldo lost the election for the post of mayor of Kherson. Shortly after the occupation of Kherson by the Russian troops, Saldo was appointed by the Russian side as the head of the military administration of the city.


Ministry of Defense of Russia in his daily report, he declares the destruction of two Ukrainian SU-25s in an air battle in the Solntsevo region of the Kirovohrad region and another Su-25 in the Radgospnoe region of the Kherson region. It is also alleged that a platoon of the Alder MLRS near Kharkov was liquidated and American HIMARSthe destruction of a large fuel depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Zaporizhzhya and the strikes of aviation and artillery of the Russian Federation on the positions of the Ukrainian army in the Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk regions.


Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) states that it stopped the activities of the Russian intelligence network that collected intelligence on the deployment and movement of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Pokrovsky district of the Donetsk region. According to the intelligence service, two attackers carried out reconnaissance and sabotage activities in the Nikolaev region: they collected and transmitted intelligence to the enemy about important infrastructure facilities, fuel depots, deployment and movement of manpower and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As a result of the actions of the agent network, several objects of the city’s shipbuilding infrastructure were destroyed and damaged, including the Equator, Kristall, Okean plants, warehouses with fuel and lubricants, and social infrastructure facilities were destroyed, the SBU said. At present, all the detainees have been declared suspected of committing crimes against the state security of Ukraine. The issue of choosing a measure of restraint in the form of detention is being decided.

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