08/06/2022 21:44

Experts predict difficult years for the Czech Republic due to the issue of blue fuel. Czechs depend from Russian gas and they have to buy it. AT IDNES.cz predicted three winter-winter scenarios for the development of the situation for the country.

According to the first scenario, liquefied natural gas will be used, three billion cubic meters of which is reserved by the Czech Republic at the Dutch floating terminal. This volume is enough to satisfy a third of the annual volume of consumption of this type of resource by the Czechs. However, we are still talking only about reservations, and not about buying.

“There is no liquefied natural gas from Norway yet, that is, there is none for us. We don’t have any contract. Only the terminal has been rented, but there is no gas for it yet, as well as routes to the Czech Republic,” warns Vladimir Shtepanenergy expert, analyst at ENA.

In response, the Special Representative for Energy Security Vaclav Bartushka recommended to increase gas supplies from Norway, Algeria and Azerbaijan, while trying to buy LNG.

The second scenario assumes the absence of LNG, increased resource savings and continued purchases of fuel from the Russian Federation.

“People fall into two extremes. Either they overheat and bring the temperature to 26 degrees, or they set 17 degrees, at which it is uncomfortable for anyone,” said an energy expert Arsen Lazarevicheditor-in-chief of the server Elektřina.cz.

He added that the comfortable temperature in apartments should not exceed 20 degrees.

“Hot baths will become a luxury again,” he warned.

The third scenario, which, however, is not considered, is that the Russian Federation will stop gas supplies: then it will end in Czech storage facilities at the end of this year. However, the Czech Republic believes that the RF gas sales cover the costs of hostilities in Ukraine, so it does not intend to stop supplies.