The governments of Hungary and Poland voted against the proposal of the European Commission to reduce gas consumption in EU countries by 15 percent. According to the information, Hungarians and Poles doubt the legality of such mechanisms.

Of the 27 member states of the European Union, only two voted against.

“The written procedure started… on August 4, 2022, was completed on August 5, 2022… all delegations voted in favor of the adoption of the Council regulation on coordinated measures to reduce gas demand, with the exception of the delegations of Hungary and Poland, which voted against,” the report says. Council of the EU.

According to the information, Budapest questioned the legality of the EU decision, while Warsaw called the adjustments made “defective” and said that such mechanisms for reducing dependence on Russian gas should be adopted with the consent of all EU members. Nevertheless, the plan was approved because it received the majority of votes.