Internally displaced persons should be provided with medical services regardless of place of residence or registration.

This is reported Ministry of Health carereports Ukrinform.

“Displaced persons have the right to receive primary health care at the place of residence and without declarationsthe lack of registration or declaration with a doctor is not a basis for refusing to provide primary medical care,” the message says.

The Ministry of Health emphasizes that more than 15% of Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes due to the war and became internally displaced persons. Stress, limited access to medical services, poor living conditions can cause both exacerbation of existing chronic diseases and the emergence of new ones. It is especially important for maintaining health in a state of martial law to timely apply to doctors for medical help and receive medical services of the proper level.

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) can be admitted to any hospital as long as it is capable of providing treatment in times of war.

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From a doctor who provides primary health care (therapist / pediatrician / family doctor), you can get: dynamic monitoring of health status, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, basic tests and analyzes, referral to specialized doctors or examinations, palliative care, prescriptions for Affordable Medicines program and insulin (if it is a repeat prescription), vaccinations in accordance with immunization schedule.

The Ministry of Health emphasized that medical institutions that work under the Medical Guarantee Program (PMG) should provide the necessary medical care free of charge. After all, the Medical Guarantee Program-2022 continues to operate, 38 SGP packages, including treatment stroke and heart attackresearch for early oncology detectionmedical care for women in childbirth, medical care for newborns in complex neonatal cases, etc. – continue to work during martial law.

To obtain highly specialized assistancestill need to get direction to a specialist. A primary care doctor can refuse a referral only in one case: if he considers that a consultation / examination of a narrow specialist is not required.

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Program “Available Medicines” also works. Patients requiring outpatient treatment for cardiovascular disease, type 1/2 diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, bronchial asthma, mental and behavioral disorders, and epilepsy can receive the drugs that are included in the program, free of charge or with a small copayment.

If you wish, if you have lost contact with your family doctor, you can conclude a new declaration with another doctor at the place of residence. How to do it – read more link.

If this is not possible due to the excess of the limit with the doctors of the medical institution of your choice, the operator of the NSZU contact center (by number 16-77) will help you get information about other medical institutions, including private ones, and FOP doctors with whom you can sign the declaration.

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If you are faced with a situation where the hospital is denied free medicines or services, file a formal complaint with the head physician (medical director) of the institution about the medical misconduct.

If denied at the hospital management level, write a complaint to the Department of Health in your city or region or to the owner of the medical facility – to the appropriate local authority (usually the name of the hospital indicates who owns it).

If it is not possible to solve the problem at the local level, file a complaint with the NSZU through the contact center 16-77 or by letter to the postal address: Kyiv, 19 Stepana Bandery Ave., index 04073, or by e-mail

As Ukrinform reported, from August 1, antibacterial drugs are dispensed in Ukraine using an electronic prescription. To obtain it, a declaration with a primary care physician is not required.