The jury in Austin, Texas, decided on Thursday to replace the code and must decide whether the code has a repressive function, BBC News noted.

The totality of the evidence in this case could be incriminating for the charges against Jones. The parents of the veiled boy, Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, are demanding at least 150 million dollars, i.e. roughly 3.6 billion crowns, for defamation and emotional harm.

Jones persistently promoted the conspiracy theory that the 26-year-old shooting was staged in an attempt to regulate gun violence and that the families of the murdered children were crisis actors.

The families of ten victims later sued him for defamation, and courts in two American states decided last year that Jones bears the primary responsibility in the case. This set the stage for a series of trials, in which juries will decide on the defendant’s death, and currently one is part of the first of them.

The massacre was done, Jones said

Five hundred minutes later, Jones admitted that one of the worst massacres on American stakes had taken place, and declared his two men irresponsible. Despite retracting his claims about the Sandy Hook tragedy, he continued to use his platform to criticize the jury and judge in the case, BBC News noted.

Heslin and Lewis testified in court that Jones’s followers had been harassing them for years and threatening to kill them in the wrong year about the death of their son. I was shocked and their lawyer urged the jurors to hold Jones accountable for prolonging the boy’s death. Jones’ lawyer admitted that his client and Infowars reported on Sandy Hook irresponsibly, but he claimed that the client was not responsible for the attack, the Reuters agency noted.

Jones has been one of the main far-right conspiracy media scenes in the United States for many years. His organization Infowars not only portrayed the Sandy Hook bike massacre as a false flag operation, but also killed the masses. In 2018, he was expelled from the world’s largest social network for hate speech and abuse. Aloby, which he was currently talking about, presents as a flow for freedom of speech.

He testified in court that any deduction over two million dollars would sink us. According to Jones, his business was damaged by the influence of large Internet platforms, his company Free Speech Systems declared bankruptcy in 2015. A representative of Heslin and Lewis said in the center that Jones’ profits continued to grow after being excluded from Facebook or Twitter, and in 2018, Infowars earned over $800,000 (nineteen million K) per day.

Five posts in the stock round Sandy Hook in the American state of Connecticut in 2012, a twenty-year-old man named Adam Lanza killed 20 children and six adults.