The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched a successful strike against the facilities of the radical Palestinian group “Islamic Jihad” in the Gaza Strip and “neutralized” the group’s high-ranking military leadership. quoted Sunday, 7 August.

“The senior leadership of the military wing of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza has been neutralized,” Basiok said, without explaining exactly what the term “neutralized” means. There has not yet been any confirmation from the group, writes dpa.

The day before, Israel announced murder one of the commanders of “Islamic Jihad” – Taysir al-Jaabari, as well as 15 other terrorists – as a result of air strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip. On August 6, Israel attacked military installations and missile launch sites in the Gaza Strip, the IDF said.

Israel conducts Operation Dawn

Palestinian-Israeli conflict escalated on August 1 after the Israeli military arrested Bassem Saadi, leader of the Islamic Jihad in the West Bank. After that, Israel announced the start of Operation Dawn and launched air strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip. Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said the IDF strikes thwarted an attack on Israel that the Iranian-backed group planned to carry out in response to Saadi’s arrest.

In response to the military operation on Israeli territory, at least 400 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip as of the evening of August 6, writes Reuters. The Israeli army said that the air operation in the Gaza Strip will last a week. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz signed an order calling for up to 25,000 reservists for “operational purposes.”

The UN Security Council holds a closed meeting

On Monday, August 8, the aggravation of the conflict will be discussed at a meeting of the UN Security Council, the dpa agency reports, citing unnamed interlocutors from diplomatic circles. The meeting will be held behind closed doors. It was collected at the initiative of the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, France, Norway and China, clarifies dpa.

US State Department backs Israel’s right to self-defense

The US State Department said it fully supports Israel’s right to self-defense. At the same time, official Washington urged the parties to avoid further escalation.

AT UN noted that as a result of mutual shelling, more than 100 Palestinians and 7 Israelis were injured. In turn, the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian National Authority announced the death of at least 24 Palestinians.

“Fighting must be stopped in order to avoid more deaths and injuries of civilians in Gaza and Israel. All parties must respect the principles of international humanitarian law, including the principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution,” the UN said in a statement.

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