The European Parliament believes that the role Adolf Hitler should be rethought in the context of the modern confrontation between Russia and the West.

The proposal to take a different look at the personality of the Nazi leader was made by a member of the European Parliament from Germany Martin Sonneborn.

The representative of Germany noted that the Fuhrer’s actions are perceived differently in the current situation.

“It is important that we attacked at all. I assume that in this situation, Hitler will also be completely rethought, because he fought against the Russians,” Sonneborn said in an interview with Telepolis magazine.

Sonneborn believes that part of the public intends to put Willy Brandt in place of Adolf Hitler and vice versa.

Sonneborn’s statements are famous for their scandalous overtones. The irony of a member of the European Parliament does not always find understanding among the public. Previously, he caused a significant deterioration in German-Chinese relations, as he “offended the feelings of the Chinese people.”

Formerly Poles compared Lech Walesu with Hitler for what he called for “breaking” Russia.