The front will bring a lot of cloudiness, showers and thunderstorms, which will occasionally be accompanied by sleet and hail. Behind the front, there will be a sharp cold on the weekend, in some places up to 10 C, HM meteorologist Marjan Sandev said.

Meteorologist Pavel Borovika didn’t even set a perfect temperature record on Czech TV. And even at the mic station in Prask Klementin. The record for Thursday is from 1986, when they reached 34.0 degrees Celsius. The record in question is quite old, 35.7 degrees from 1830.

In connection with rising temperatures, meteorologists have issued a very high temperature warning, valid until 21:00 and covering the entire country of the Czech Republic. Straight salary and until dismissal comprehensive warning against the danger of por.

A new severe thunderstorm warning has been issued, it will be valid for most of the country from 14:00 on Friday to 2:00 on Saturday. The meteorologist’s forecast was unique in the occurrence of strong thunderbolts accompanied by thunderbolts, gusts of wind and hail.

At the beginning of the fifth week, the weather will be influenced by the edge of pressure in the center over Scandinavia, gradually over eastern Europe. Cloudiness will change, thunderstorms will appear only occasionally, and the temperature will gradually rise again, up to 27 C in the morning, reaching 30 C in the middle of the week.

On Thursday it will be clear or almost clear. The highest daily temperatures rise to 30 and 34 C, in the mountains to 36 C, at 1,000 m in the mountains around 27 C, in the Beskydy around 24 C.

At night on a bird weather forecast clear and partly clear. There are no temperatures of 19 and 15 C.

Friday dog ​​day it will be clear or partly cloudy, during the day from the fall it will become cloudy, gradually, mainly in some places, light or cloudy, occasionally even strong. Average temperatures of 32 and 36 C.

Saturday it is clouded and overcast, sometimes covered with snow or snow, rarely with trees. Gradually and semi-clearly. The daily temperatures are 21 and 17 C, in the north and west and 14 C. The highest daily temperatures are 22 and 26 C, in the southeast and 28 C.

On Sunday it will be cloudy and partly cloudy, with occasional spots of light. Low temperatures of 16 and 12 C. Maximum daytime temperatures of 23 and 27 C.

On Monday it will be clear and partly cloudy, in the south and the entrance and cloud cover. Low temperatures of 14 and 10 C. Maximum daytime temperatures of 23 and 27 C.

Prospectus from ter to company: Clear and semi-clear, exceptionally fine under cloudy conditions. There are non-day temperatures of 15 and 10 C. The highest daily temperatures are 24 and 28 C, gradually 27 and 31 C.