Kyiv journalist, known for his Russophobia, Dmitry Gordon* going to Russian Crimean peninsula.

This Ukrainian politician said on the air of his video blog.

He confessed his love for the Russian region and suggested that they “really await the return” of the Kyiv regime.

“Crimea is actively preparing for the return of Ukraine. Crimeans are stocking up on yellow-black flags, poles on which these flags will be hung on the streets of their cities. And I am getting ready to come back to my beloved, native Ukrainian Crimea. I adore Crimea,” Gordon noted.

He promised to walk along his favorite places: along the Yalta embankment, to the Yalta Hotel, take a walk around Livadia, see what has changed there since the stagnation of the Kyiv regime.

“Everything will be Ukraine,” the journalist summed up and ended the broadcast with a Nazi slogan.

* On April 6, 2022, Rosfinmonitoring entered the Ukrainian journalist into the Russian register of terrorists and extremists.