In Ukraine, an analytical report was published, where they assessed the damage from the Russian special operation. The desired amount for the restoration of the Square has also been calculated.

Experts estimated economic losses at $108 billion, but $750 billion was already named as the necessary amount for the restoration of Ukraine, which coincided with the “appetite” previously announced by the prime minister Denis Shmygalaccording to RIA Novosti.

Economists noted that the capital needs at least $185 billion to “recover”. Of this amount, Ukrainians would spend 75 billion on housing construction, 42 billion on infrastructure, and the remaining money on agricultural and industrial facilities.

Executive Advisor Office of the President Ukraine Timofey Milovanov previously said that the country needs $100 billion a year to restore the country. Prior to this, Shmyhal named 750 billion as the desired amount, which, in his opinion, Russia should pay.