The reason for the creation of this joint investigative team is the exchange of information about persons who are suspected of criminal activity by both parties, Ibehej said.

According to him, the agreement on the creation of a joint inspection team was signed on behalf of the Czech Republic by the representative of the Supreme Soviet and on behalf of the British side by the representative of the United Kingdom, Justin.

et criminologists have a suspicion that agents of the Russian secret service GRU were involved in the explosion of the munich compound in Vrbtice in 2014, which killed two people. According to the photographer and the names from his passport, after whom the police ask, they are the same men who are suspected of poisoning former Russian secret agent Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury, England in 2018.

The men wanted by the Czech police showed themselves to have Russian passports with the names Alexandr Petrov and Ruslan Boirov, followed by a passport of Moldova in the name of Nicolai Popa and a passport of Tajikistan in the name of Ruslan Tabarov.

The same person who was born with passports in the name of Alexandr Petrov and Ruslan Boirov writes to Britain that they are going to poison Skripal. The media identified these men as GRU secret service agents Alexander Mikin and Anatoly Epigu. Russia, according to the flow, rejected Skripal.

In 2014, the vertebrae suffered two explosions. Two people died when the first of the Munich warehouses exploded in June, and the second warehouse exploded in December of that year. Last year on April 17, the then Prime Minister Andrej Babi (ANO) and the Minister of the Interior Jan Hamek (SSD) announced that the authorities suspected that female employees of the Russian military intelligence service had planted the device that caused the explosion in Munich warehouses.

The discovery of a Russian secret service agent involved caused a diplomatic row with Russia last year. Czech Republic and Russia have each expelled several female embassy workers.