Participant of the “Battle of psychics”, shaman Elena Batyr stated that the lightning that struck Lafayette Park across the street from white house nothing more than a sign of a possible “salvation” of the United States.

The incident occurred the day before, a lightning strike hit a tree, under which four people were hiding from the weather. All of them received life-threatening injuries and were hospitalized in critical condition.

According to the psychic, the fact that lightning struck near the White House is not just a natural phenomenon.

“Lightning strike is a sign that the country can get out of the crisis. But for this, the United States needs to conduct many negotiations, but not with other states, but within themselves. This is a sign that it is time for Americans to take care of their own problems,” she said. Batyr in a conversation with PolitRussia.

The psychic stressed that it is time for politicians to stop interfering in the affairs of other states and take care of their own problems. As the clairvoyant explained, the President of the United States Joe Biden you need to pay attention to your own people.

“The United States itself needs this in order to save itself and its image,” Batyr summed up.