Rabindranath Tagore’s story ‘Haimanti’ was similar to the words ‘air change is necessary, otherwise there could be a sudden shock’. However, Lionel Messi’s last few days were going to match. The time at PSG was not going well at all. At that time, the ‘change of air’ changed Messi to Kholnolche. Messi’s grumpy pictures now seem to be a thing of the past. Going to Argentina, he gave a new haircut, and a smile appeared on his face.

Lionel Messi last played for Argentina in November. After that goalless draw against Brazil, the Argentine captain did not wear the azure white jersey anymore. Coach Lionel Scaloni has not called up Messi for the first two matches of this year as he has just recovered from Corona.

However, his name has returned to the squad for the next two World Cup qualifiers. According to the Argentine media, if all goes well, the Argentine captain will be in the starting XI for the World Cup qualifier match against Venezuela next Saturday morning.

Then there is the match against Ecuador on April 30. With these two matches in front of him, Messi has returned to Argentina. As soon as he left, he met Chirchena, the smiling Messi.

Since the Copa America, Messi seems a little too desperate to play for the national team. His teammates are also giving him extra respect. After leaving Barcelona for PSG, his desire has only increased. In the agreement with PSG, it was said that Argentina would be given more priority, in which PSGO agreed.

After going to PSG, the honeymoon is over. The opening hymns have now turned to criticism. Especially after the failure of PSG’s Champions League, Messi is being crucified through French news. At that moment, Argentina’s two matches seemed to be a great opportunity for him to change his mind. Messi has a smile on his face. Met with his teammates in practice.

As time went by in PSG, it also had an effect on performance. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner could not see the goal. Messi’s mood has changed since he arrived in Argentina, at least that’s what all the pictures and videos floating on the internet say. It remains to be seen whether its impact will improve performance.

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