The news that alleged scientists from Yale University were able to revive the pig an hour after death, nothing more than a fake, said a neurosurgeon, professor Irakli Tsuladze. As the doctor emphasized, irreparable processes after death begin in five minutes.

According to the neurosurgeon, not one scientist will confirm the success of such an experiment.

“I think these are unreliable sources. No scientist, doctor will say this – it’s impossible. It has nothing to do with science and medicine. Experiments are underwaybut there are no results yet,” the doctor explained in an interview with Radio 1.

Five minutes after death, the neurosurgeon emphasized, the brain dies. To return after an hour the biological processes that occur during life are still out of the realm of fantasy.

Earlier, Yale University said they were able to return a pig to vital signs an hour after death. Allegedly, the blood circulation and the functioning of internal organs were restored in the animal.