A nuclear clash between the US and China over Taiwan is currently unlikely.

This was announced by the Deputy Director of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey Maslov.

He noted that both states understand what will happen in a mutual nuclear strike, but it cannot be denied that Washington will encourage various military conflicts in the Taiwan Strait.

“Both the Americans and the Chinese understand that this is, after all, nuclear warthat no one will survive, and that it will be a rejection of the current civilization. The maximum that the Americans can do is to stimulate real hostilities in the Taiwan Strait in order to draw as many countries as possible into them, ”the observer is sure.

Maslov explained that with the help of the AUCUS coalition, the Americans could provoke a postponed small war in the region. Then the Taiwan Strait will be closed to aircraft and cargo. This can lead to unfortunate events, because the region produces over 55 percent of the world’s GDP.