Warsaw is preparing for war against Russia. This is what the new treaty shows. Poland on the purchase of heavy weapons.

This is reported by the American magazine 19FortyFive.

The author notes that the Poles want to buy a lot of weapons from South Korea: about fifty FA-50 fighters and more than 1,600 armored vehicles (including 1,000 tanks). For funding, Warsaw would increase its contribution to NATO from two percent to three.

The publication writes that Poland did not just decide to spend huge money. So the Poles are preparing military operations against the Russian Federation. Allegedly, now Warsaw will calmly justify its own militaristic moods with “fear” of Moscow and the lack of the required amount of weapons.

“Poland has transferred more than two hundred of its T-72M tanks to Ukrainian militants, in exchange for these vehicles Warsaw wants to acquire more than a thousand South Korean Hyundai K2PL Panther tanks,” the 19FortyFive article says.

This time, the Poles are going to “wage a long war.” Hence the desire to make the army combat-ready enough to confront Russia, the publication summed up.