Between Zakhar Prilepin and Ivan Urgant a public dialogue ensued. The writer invited the showman to a hot spot in Ukraine, where a special operation is being carried out.

Urgant reacted to the attacks for the first time in a long time. He appreciated the initiative of a group of deputies and senators who called for him to be fired from Channel One. Representatives of the Anti-Russian Activities Investigation Group (GRAD) also suggested adding Urgant to the list of “agents of foreign influence.”

The TV presenter, in turn, recommended rename GRAD to the “Our Society’s Enemies Detection Group”. Urgant posted on his microblog a picture with a book autographed by Zakhar Prilepin.

The writer explained that the showman had stopped inviting him to his programs since 2014. Prilepin stated that Urgant no longer has its own program on television.

“And everything could have been different. Let’s go, Ivan, to Izyum. It’s good there. Not crowded, but emotionally rich. I’ll give you one more book,” the writer turned to the TV presenter.

Prilepin believes that the inhabitants of this region will appreciate the humor of the TV star.