“Yes, it’s true. The court was afraid that they would not continue to make videos,” told iDNES.cz their legal representative Norbert Naxera.

Prague police arrested pro-Russian activists Patrik Tušl and Tomáš Cermák on Wednesday. “The police body informed the accusations against two natural persons, namely for actions qualified as two criminal acts disrupting the coexistence of people,” Aleš Cimbala, a spokesman for the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office in Prague, told the server Lidovky.cz. Manipulátoři.cz was the first server to come up with the information.

“Freedom of speech is far from limitless.”

Prague lawyer Martin Čumpelík

According to the website, their arrest is related to a video they posted on Facebook this week. In it, they called on people to stand up against the Ukrainians.

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