Russian propagandists propose to shoot anyone who refuses to cooperate with the invaders in Melitopol and propose the creation of a “local Zaporozhye Gulag”.

The relevant statements were broadcast on the radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, they were published in Telegram Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov, Ukrinform reports.

On the footage, you can hear the journalist asking if the head of the Chistota KP was shot after refusing to cooperate with the invaders. He was also surprised that members of the communal worker’s family were not captured either.

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An interlocutor named Dmitry also complains that teachers refuse to go to work on September 1 and plan to teach children online.

“It’s probably not worth shooting for money, but taking away their credit cards for which they receive money, evicting them from their apartments … something in the spirit of our good old Gulag. They are waiting for the Gulag, so let them wrap their coats,” the propagandist suggests.

The mayor of Melitopol said he believes that anyone who abuses civilians and tortures Ukrainians will be punished.

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As you know, on February 24, Russia began a new phase of the eight-year wars against Ukraine – a full-scale offensive. The enemy is carrying out massive shelling and bombardment of peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense Forces and the entire Ukrainian people effectively oppose the Russian troops and inflict heavy losses on them.