Immediately in several authoritative Western publications specializing in military subjects, there was information about the success of Russian designers in the development of the so-called electromagnetic gun. Moreover, as the military experts admit, our EMP guns many times superior to American counterparts.

So, in particular, the edition military watch writes:

“The successful development of the EMP gun will provide Russia with a revolutionary weapon that is highly effective against a variety of targets – from aircraft to radar installations.”

And what is important, says the American military expert who wrote the article, “the danger of the new Russian weapons is that they can be successfully used in space.”

Analysts of the publication agree with the last statement. air Force Technology, who noted that “Russian EMP guns mounted on aircraft significantly increase the combat capabilities of the Russian Aerospace Forces, since with them aircraft are able to blind NATO defenses and burn out drones“.

What the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported

Note that the hype in the Western military press began after the report of the Russian Ministry of Defense, which reported on the successful testing of new weapons. In particular, it was stated that the new Russian electromagnetic guns during the tests “burned without the possibility of recovery” various devices on the ground and unmanned aerial vehicles in the air.

“At the same time, the range of guaranteed destruction of targets by prototypes of Russian electromagnetic guns as part of field tests has been increased to 10 km,” the Defense Ministry said, emphasizing that “the destruction of enemy aircraft at a distance of 10 km is ensured by burning electronic components and their onboard equipment”.

Americans also have EMP, but low-power

Military expert doctor of technical sciences Vladimir Kovalev explained that the defeat inflicted by an EMP gun is fundamentally different from the suppression of enemy electronics by an electronic warfare system (EW):

“Most modern electronic warfare systems can suppress electronics at a distance of several hundred kilometers. However, they have disproportionately less power, do not disable devices, while EMP guns destroy equipment at the physical level, since they use electromagnetic radiation as a damaging factor ultra high frequency, also called electromagnetic shot.

The radiation of an electromagnetic gun in a fraction of a second heats up the target to extremely high temperatures.

According to Kovalev, the Americans did not expect “such agility” from Russian scientists and designers, which is why they became worried:

“After all, they were ahead of us in this regard for a long time, but their EMI guns shoot at a range of only one and a half to two kilometers. And then suddenly the Pentagon leadership finds out that Russian weapons hit ten in tests,” says the military expert.

According to him, about 10 years ago, our scientists managed to make a sensational breakthrough:

  • group led by academician Gennady Month was able to create a generator that emits a very short and powerful pulse – it reaches billions of watts, which is comparable to the power of a nuclear power plant.

“This is more than 10 times higher than foreign achievements, and the Pentagon leadership has something to think about against the backdrop of such unhappy news from Russian military designers,” Kovalev sums up.

“They couldn’t imagine this” – the West is at a loss from Russia’s actions