The United States had earlier warned. This time, Ukraine also said that Russia is preparing for a bigger war. His prediction is also clear.

Continuous shelling continues in Kharkiv. In the satellite image, a long Russian army convoy has gathered east of Kharkiv. Hundreds of tanks, armored trucks and other warships are spread over a distance of at least 12 kilometers.

Russia’s target this time is eastern and southern Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said they were ready for war.

Russian forces have failed to capture other major cities in northern and northeastern Ukraine, including the capital Kiev. Occupying cities like Chernobyl and Chernihiv, they had to leave. In this situation, Ukraine and the Western powers fear that Russia is going to take a very aggressive form in eastern Ukraine. And in this war, pro-Russian separatist groups in Ukraine will also fight Moscow. Horrible pictures of Russian atrocities are coming up every day. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been slammed by world leaders.

“All those involved in war crimes in Boucha or elsewhere in the country will be identified and punished,” Zelensky said today. But will it be possible at all? A total of 1,222 bodies have been recovered from areas around Kiev since Russian troops withdrew, Ukraine’s prosecutor general said today. 5600 war crimes cases have been filed. About 500 Russian military and government officials have been identified as war criminals.

Russian missiles hit Nipro airport in central-eastern Ukraine today. Regional head Valentine Reznichenko said: “They had almost destroyed the airport before. The attack continues even after that ‘. Reznichenko said no casualties were reported. Rescue work is underway.