Russia announced on Tuesday that it would not attack the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and its environs, as well as Chernihiv.

Russia’s deputy foreign minister says Russia has backed away from its plan to attack Kiev in order to gain Ukraine’s trust and take the talks to the next level.

Following the Russians’ announcement, many speculate that Russia-Ukraine war may have stopped or that a ceasefire has been reached between the two sides.

Russia’s chief envoy Vladimir Medensky has clarified the matter. He says the fact that Kiev will not be attacked does not mean that Russia will stop attacking Ukraine.

“It’s not a ceasefire,” he said.

Vladimir Medensky told Russia’s state news agency Tass News that this was not a ceasefire. It is part of our desire to gradually end this conflict. We want the conflict to stop, at least here.

He added that there was still a long way to go before an agreement could be reached with Ukraine. It’s just the beginning.

Source: The Guardian

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