The Russian military shelled a residential building in Donetsk, as evidenced by the trajectory of a shell that hit the house.

According to Ukrinform, he drew attention to the shelling of Donetsk from the Russian-controlled territory on his page in Facebook journalist Denis Kazantsev.

“The Russian army shelled Donetsk and burned down. One of the shells hit a residential building clearly from the east side and destroyed two apartments. It is impossible to get into this part of the house from Ukrainian positions. It could only come from Makeevka or the Kalininsky district of Donetsk, which since 2014 controlled by Russia,” the statement said.

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The journalist pointed out that the affected house is located on Young Miners Street.

“Anyone can open a map and easily see that only the Russian military could shoot at the house,” Kazansky wrote, also posting photos of the area and the projectile’s trajectory on Google Maps.

He also noted that this time the shelling of Donetsk by the Russians was so obvious that “even the most naive Donetsk residents began to suspect something.”

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“I read the comments in the city’s public pages. Even Russian supporters understand that they shot their own,” Kazansky wrote, posting screenshots of comments from city residents on social networks.

“Information that Donetsk Russians beat, meets constantly. People constantly write that the city is being shelled from Makiivka. They clearly hear the sounds of “minuses” directly from the city, nearby. But when the projectile falls on the asphalt, it is difficult to determine where it was flying from. And in this case, everything is clear and obvious. And it’s impossible to turn back. This episode can be presented as evidence of the shelling of Donetsk by the Russian army,” the journalist stressed.

As reported, earlier the Russian military carried out a targeted deliberate shelling of a correctional institution in the village of Olenovka Donetsk region, where, among other things, Ukrainian prisoners were kept, to accuse the Ukrainian side of committing “war crimes”, as well as to cover up the torture of captives.