The ultra-long-range large-caliber Russian ORSIS rifle chambered for NATO (12.7×99 mm) has successfully passed the tests.

The weapon is ready for serial production, and it will be presented at the Army-2022 international military-technical forum.

The Promtechnologiya company, which announced in 2021 the development of a new rifle for hitting targets at a distance of 2 kilometers, has fulfilled its promise and has already completed tests, TASS reports. The new large-caliber rifle is being created under the universal cartridge of the NATO alliance – .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun 12.7×99 mm). Weapon is oriented to the foreign market, but the power structures of the Russian Federation have already become interested in it.

The rifle will come with a new Dedal-NV intelligent sight with a built-in ballistic complex, an information processing system and a display.

A variant of the rifle chambered for 12.7×108 mm (for the Russian Federation) will be shown at the Army-2022 forum. Weapon weight – 12 kg, accuracy of fire – 1 minute of arc, effective range – up to 2 kilometers.