Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Region, Valentyn Reznienko, announced on social media that he was injured in the hospital of the Dnipropetrovsk Region, one of them was in the hospital. According to him, Nikopol and its surroundings were shelled by the Russian army from the Grad rocket launcher, and the area around the city of Kryvyi Rih was shelled by anti-aircraft fire.

In Nikopol, five new houses and about 40 smaller residential houses and bicycles were damaged, several thousand households were left without electricity or running water, added Reznienko.

The Russian army and units from the unrecognized republics formed with Russian support at the entrance of Ukraine continue, according to the Ukrainian TV, in an attempt to flow pedevm around Bakhmut and Avdijivka near Donsk.

At Bakhmut, air and artillery attacks continued on the positions of the Ukrainian defenders. The villages of Pervomajske, Voane, Opytne or a village called Ju Jork (New York) near Avdijivka were hit by rockets and anti-aircraft guns.

According to the Ukrainian command of the South, Ukrainian flows continue to the command of the occupied units in the vicinity of Kherson and thus to the ammunition depots, six of which have now been hit. Information appeared on social media about explosions near the bridge over the Inhulec river in the village of Darivka, east of Kherson.

For a few days, Kyiv has spoken about the meeting of offensive operations aimed at liberating Kherson, Ukrainian forces have recaptured several dozen villages around it, and the Russian side is moving more troops into the area in an attempt to send defenses there.