I am glad that I can welcome our friend and guest from the Czech Republic, Jaroslav Doubrava, in the Republic of Crimea, who is known for his many years of support to the country and his initiatives to develop friendly and partnership relations with Russia, Aksyonov described the news. He drew attention to the sentor’s journey Denk N.

Together with Mr. Doubrava, we discussed the cultural exchange between our peoples, the issues of business relations in the light of current events and explored the possibilities of cooperation, he added.

According to an official statement from the Crimean parliament, Doubrava said that he represents many ordinary people who do not support the government’s policy, as well as businessmen who want to do business with Crimea despite the sanctions. Doubrava is known for her pro-Russian activities and support for the steps taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Nzor did not change even after the Russian army invaded Ukraine on the 24th.

Russia and its leader will be able to use similar hatreds. For Russian propaganda, it is worth blaming. It shows that Russia is not in full isolation and that there are failed politicians, said Denku N David Stulk, who served for 12 years as the spokesman of the EU delegation in Kyiv. f the foreign affairs committee of Senta, Pavel Fischer warned that the support and celebration of a military aggressor, such as Russia is now, should be punishable.

In Sent, Doubrava was repeatedly opposed to the resolutions concerning the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. As the only senator in April, he voted against the position according to which Russia must bear the consequences for unleashing a war against Ukraine, including the payment of reparations, and the officials who are responsible for the crimes must be brought to trial and punished.

In April, Doubrava did not support the resolution, in which Sent appealed to the EU member states to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate country.